What does Learning Domain Do?

Learning Domain was set up to:

  • provide effective online learning to businesses, schools, colleges, and universities,
  • support the development of online learning and pedagogy,
  • advise on how a company can enhance its staff training through online learning,
  • provide a bespoke framework through which companies can deliver effective staff, student, or client training.

What Educational Services can you provide?

  • Short learning courses on specific IT and Computer Science related topics, online, classroom based,  or a blended learning experience utilising the best practice of both,
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi and how to use this within the curriculum.  We can provide this either as staff training or as part of a package working with students from Y5 (we think this is a good place to start with the Pi.  Any earlier and the students tend to want to eat them )
  • Courses on our Moodle site are available to educators.  Some are free, some need you to simply ask for access, and some are chargable.

NB – ALL Learning Domain staff are DBS checked and are therefore cleared for working in schools, colleges, etc with children and vulnerable adults.  However we do not expect to be “teaching” a class and the presence of a classroom teacher is required.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment designed and developed by Martin Dougiamas.  It is used in a very large number of educational and business companies for delivering online learning.

Here at Learning Domain we’ve been using Moodle for over 10 years and have a deep understanding of how it works both technically and pedagogically.