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Learning Domain was set up as the brain child of Dave Emsley. After 25 years teaching IT and Computer Science in the UK Secondary (11-18) sector Dave went self-employed and started Learning Domain.

The UK Government made it a statutory requirement for schools to have a Virtual Learning Environment. At the time working for a Rotherham school Dave was heavily involved in the evaluation and roll out of the e-sy.info project.

Moving to a Huddersfield school in 2005 Dave was responsible for the implementation and development of the whole-school use of Virtual Learning Environment within that school. At the time the school, and the Local Authority, used Digital-Brain. Through thorough research Dave convinced the school to drop Digital-Brain and implement Moodle instead. Following the decision Dave delivered whole staff training and course development training using Moodle. This was very well received and successful, helping the school to its Outstanding grading by Ofsted.

AvatarAbout Dave Emsley
BEd, MSc.

OK not a real photo but spookily accurate from http://doppelme.com/.

Professionally I was a teacher for over 25 years in British Secondary Schools teaching Computing & ICT at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, and Key Stage 5. – That’s from ages 11 to 18 for those of you not from the UK.


I taught in a number of schools in Derbyshire, South, and West Yorkshire over the years on many different courses including:

  • GCSE Computer Studies
  • GCSE Information Technology
  • A Level ICT
  • BTEC IT & Computing
  • A Level Computing &
  • A Level Computer Science

During my time in both parts of Yorkshire the eLearning Projects took off and I was responsible for introducing eLearning into schools in both areas. My experiences with the roll-outs, and the various platforms available, convinced me that the best platform for eLearning is Moodle and this is the one I would recommend.

When training staff on the use of eLearning I was very interested in the different approachs and pedagogies of using online learning; so much that I enrolled in a Masters Degree in ‘Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation, and Change’ with Sheffield Hallam University which I passed.

I’m currently a team leader with the AQA for moderating the Computer Science Project component and was Assistant Principal Moderator for one of the previous specifications.

I’m a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator:

This is a course run by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in conjunction with Google UK and offers a two day INSET training course for teachers usually free of charge. It’s a fantastic course and I would thoroughly recommend it to any teacher. https://www.raspberrypi.org/training/picademy/rce/


Moodle Forums

I’m also very active on the Moodle forum offering advice and infomation where I can.


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