Raspberry Pi Header

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic piece of equipment.  It's a computer but it's very small yet powerful and cheap, very cheap.  You can buy them for around £25!  However you will need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse as well.

What use are they?  They were designed primarily as an educational tool.  However you can do anything you can do on a "normal" computer but more as well. You can tinker.  You can reprogram it and get it to do all sorts of amazing stuff.


This course is really a guide to setting up the fabulous OSMC on your Raspberry Pi. 

This course is a guide to beginners who have just got their first Raspberry Pi and want to know what they can do with it.  It includes the basics of getting started with the Raspberry Pi, getting it going and configuring it.


  1. What's in The Box?
  2. Setting up the Raspberry Pi - first run
  3. Installing Software