Computer Networks

Unit 19 : BTEC Level 3 Computing.  Diploma / Ext. Diploma - optional unit

Unit 20 : BTEC Level 3 eSports.  Diploma / Ext. Diploma - optional unit

Computer networks are increasingly changing the way we communicate, work, access resources, stay informed, collaborate and learn. Organisations rely heavily on computer networks to conduct their internal as well as external operations. From the smallest home computer network to the biggest computer network of them all (the internet), networks affect our social, commercial, political and personal interactions.

In this unit, you will learn about the major types and models of computer networks such as local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), peer-to-peer and client server. You will identify the computer network hardware and software components required to design and implement networks. You will learn network communication protocols and examine communication technologies used to connect computers to wired and wireless networks. You will learn to use network design strategies to develop, implement and manage a scalable, available, efficient and secure computer network to meet identified requirements.

Due to the huge impact of computer networking on our modern way of life, there is an increasing need for high-level computer networking knowledge and skills in this dynamic field. The successful completion of this unit will give you valuable skills to either progress to further or higher education
studies, or pursue one of the many network support careers in the design, development and management of computer networking systems infrastructure.

Learning aims
In this unit you will:
  1. A Investigate how computer networks use networking communications protocols to provide effective and secure access to networking services and resources
  2. B Investigate computer network design to meet client requirements
  3. C Develop a computer network to meet client requirements.

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