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About Dave Emsley BEd, MSc.

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Professionally I was a teacher for over 25 years in British Secondary Schools teaching Computing & ICT at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, and Key Stage 5. - That's from ages 11 to 18 for those of you not from the UK.

I taught in a number of schools in Derbyshire, South, and West Yorkshire over the years on many different courses including:

  • GCSE Computer Studies
  • GCSE Information Technology
  • A Level ICT
  • BTEC ICT & Computing
  • A Level Computing &
    A Level Computer Science

During my time in both parts of Yorkshire the eLearning Projects took off and I was responsible for introducing eLearning into schools in both areas.

My experiences with the roll-outs, and the various platforms available, convinced me that the best platform for eLearning is Moodle and this is the one I would recommend.

When training staff on the use of eLearning I was very interested in the different approachs and pedagogies of using online learning; so much that I enrolled in a Masters Degree in 'Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation, and Change' with Sheffield Hallam University which I passed. My dissertation was on the pedagogy behind the use of Moodle and Mahara in assessment for learning.

Until 2020 I was a team leader with the AQA for moderating the Computer Science Project component and was Assistant Principal Moderator for one of the previous specifications.

As most of my clients are aware I'm retiring early due to family commitments and supporting my aged parents who are in ill health. I could continue to work but that would mean I wouldn't be putting 100% into supporting clients and I cannot, in good conscience, do that.

The courses will all remain open and available.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Badge

I love the idea of students getting geeky with the hardware and the best device for this; IMHO, is the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi Foundation run some fantastic courses for teachers to become Raspberry Pi Certified Educators.

I've completed one of these courses and thoroughly recommend them to any teacher.


I'm also very active on the Moodle forum offering advice and infomation where I can and I'm proud to have been awarded "Particularly Helpful Moodler since 2016".