Plugins to extend Moodle

Moodle is open source. As such programmers can build additional functionality into the system relatively easily. There are hundreds of plugins available in the Moodle Plugin Directory (Click here).

Plugins range from themes to new style activities, from enrolment methods to different reports and analysis tools etc.

If you need it then the chances are someone else has thought of it and developed it too.

Bespoke Plugins

In the event that you cannot find a plugin that does exactly what you want we can create one for you.

In the past we've create these plugins:

Voucher Block

The client wanted to be able to sell courses via Wowcher and similar platforms. To do that they needed voucher codes to upload to Wowcher. This block manages the creation of the voucher codes and allows the client to see which vouchers have been used, when, etc.

We also added in things like buy-one-get-one-free and discount vouchers for use elsewhere.

CPD Block

This client required students to upload evidence of CPD for courses they had attended. This plugin allows that.

We also extended it to show the courses they had completed on Moodle as well. The paperplane icon sends a link to their profile to a prospective employer.