Other Services

Online Course Development

Although we specialise in using Moodle we can develop courses using a variety of different applications that conform with a wide variety of Content Management Systems.
We use Adobe Captivate to provide visually appealing courses based on your content.

Moodle Installation

Installing Moodle onto your servers can be a little bit tricky. We specialise in Moodle so we can provide guidance, or we can do the installation ourselves – again whichever suits your company.

Moodle Theme Design

Most companies want their Moodle site to have the same look and feel as their corporate website. Although there are a few constraints due to the nature of Moodle we can produce a bespoke theme to match your website.


We do not host ourselves – that takes a massive commitment to hardware and we simply do not have the time or personnel to undertake this.
We recommend Krystal.co.uk to clients within the UK.